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Local tick species have been linked as vectors of many diseases which threaten human health. Ticks are carried into our yards by mice, squirrels, rabbits, and also by birds, deer, and raccoons. They wait for the chance to stick themselves onto humans and pets in search for blood. Ticks need blood which contains a protein that is essential in their development. Adult female ticks will find suitable areas to nest and reproduce, laying thousands of eggs from which larvae emerge. The most active times of the year for tick activity are in the early Spring and in Fall. However, a tick bite will be possible at any time in between. With cases of Lyme and other dangerous tick born disease on the rise, control is a necessity. Please call our licensed and experienced technicians at Environmina Pest Control to protect your family against Tick borne diseases.

Monthly Tick Control Programs are available April through November. We recommend starting your program at the beginning of this period. Our products generally have a residual of 30 days, which means you must apply monthly to achieve control. Our certified technicians are licensed and educated in the life cycle, biology, and control of local Tick species. Our spray technicians will come to your property equipped with knowledge concerning the habits and congregation areas of various dangerous ticks. We feel that this is what sets us apart in our efforts to stop the spreading of tick borne diseases.
We do offer Organic products and information is available upon request. Environmina Pest Control’s tick control programs offer family/pets oriented reliable service.

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