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How to get rid of this?.To get rid of pest problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

thumb biting pests 9 Flies exterminator Near you

Color: Iridescent blue green or black

Size: 3/8-1/4 inch

Habits: Feed on animal carcasses and fecal material. Strong fliers. Black blow flies sometimes over winter in buildings even though no carcass is present.

Habitat: Animal carcasses indoors or out. May fly considerable distances to a breeding source. Maggots often migrate from the carcass when mature.

Threat: Can carry disease pathogens but the their relationship to health in man is not well understood.

Prevention: Screen them out. Locate and remove carcasses.

saw toothed grain beetles 195x159 26 Flies exterminator Near you

Color: Dark gray with golden hairs

Size: Slightly larger than a house fly

Habits: Larvae live in earthworms. Adults over winter in buildings although more common in commercial buildings than residences. Occupants of buildings usually see them in late winter during first warm days when the flies begin to become active. Usually one generation per year.

Habitat: Larvae live in lawns and fields. Adults migrate a mile or more to over wintering site.

Threat: No threat to man

Prevention: To prevent over wintering, seal all tiny cracks and crevices on the exterior of the building – especially along the roof line.

saw toothed grain beetles 195x159 27 Flies exterminator Near you

Color: Brown to black. Some with green heads

Size: Up to 3/4 inch

Habits: Larvae live in stagnant water or moist soil. Adults are strong fliers. Females take blood meals. Active during summer months outdoors.

Habitat: Outdoor areas near water

Threat: No health threat but they have a vicious bite.

Prevention: Wear long sleeved clothing. Insect repellents are of some value. Use fans around pools and barbecues to create strong air currents which these flies do not like

saw toothed grain beetles 195x159 28 Flies exterminator Near you

Color: Dark gray

Size: 1/12-1/10 inch

Habits: Breed in slimy organic accumulations in drains and sewage plants. Not strong fliers. Wings have scales like moths. Adults rest on surface near breeding sites.

Habitat: Drains and sewer plants

Threat: Not documented but probable pathogen carrier

Prevention: Keep drains clean

saw toothed grain beetles 195x159 29 Flies exterminator Near you

Color: Tan with red or dark brown eyes

Size: 1/8 inch

Habits: Breed in decaying fruits and vegetable. Flies hove over food source or rest on walls near the source.

Habitat: Breed in moist decaying matter – especially if it has high sugar content. Often found in the bottom of trash cans after the plastic liner has ruptured.

Threat: Possible health concern but not documented.

Prevention: Discard spoiling fruits and vegetables. Wash out slimy residues in the bottom of trash receptacles.

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Color: Pale to dark brown

Size: 1/16 inch

Habits: Breed in wet, organic matter such as potting soil. Fly to lights. May be breeding in over-watered plants indoors or in roof structures if leaks have occurred.

Habitat: Wet, organic materials. Live indoors and outdoors

Threat: None

Prevention: Don’t over water plants. Repair leaks

saw toothed grain beetles 195x159 30 Flies exterminator Near you

Color: Dark gray

Size: 1/4 inch

Habits: They can only feed on liquids but they regurgitate on solid foods to liquefy them. Eggs are laid on wet organic matter in which the larvae (maggots) feed. They are active only during light hours.

Habitat: Live in wet, organic materials like garbage. Adults tend to rest on roof structures at night. They live outdoors during summer.

Threat: Flies are known to carry over 100 different pathogens and their habit of flying from sewage or garbage to our food makes them a real health threat.

Prevention: Screen windows and doors to keep them out. Keep garbage in tight-fitting covered containers. Clean out garbage cans weekly.

saw toothed grain beetles 195x159 31 Flies exterminator Near you

Color: Tan to brown

Size: 1/8 inch

Habits: Breed in a variety of plant and animal matter. Some a pest in mushroom farms. Some pests in mausoleums. Indoors they are often a sign of a broken waste line and they breed in the contaminated soil beneath the slab. Adults look like fruit flies but tend to skip across surfaces

Habitat: Wet, organic matter of various types.

Threat: Possible pathogen carriers considering the breeding source.

Prevention: Eliminate breeding sources. In the case of broken waste lines, the slab must be opened and all contaminated soil removed.

PEST CONTROLThe house fly has a gray thorax with 4 dark, longitudinal stripes.There are so many devices to kill the flies.

Flyswatter usually consists of a small rectangular or round sheet (some 4 inches (10 cm) across) of lightweight, flexible, vented material (usually thin metallic, rubber, or plastic mesh), attached to a lightweight wire or plastic handle about 1 foot (0.30 m) to 2 feet (0.61 m) long.Fly gun a derivative of the flyswatter, uses a spring-loaded plastic projectile to mechanically “swat” flies.Fly bottle,Disposable fly traps,
Flypaper (also known as fly paper, fly sticker, fly strip, fly ribbon, or fly tape) attracts flies to sticky adhesive so that they can be trapped.Electric flyswatter are hand-held devices that resemble badminton rackets or tennis rackets, which became popular worldwide in the late 1990s.[citation needed] US Patent 5,519,963 was awarded to Taiwanese inventor Tsao-i Shih in 1996 for such a device.

The Environmina Man can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation with FLIES.


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