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How to Control Wasps in Central Jersey?

Wasps can be a nuisance this time of the year in NJ, but it’s especially important to keep them away from your New Jersey property during the warmer months starting with spring and going into summer and fall. It’s not impossible to get rid of them- this guide provides helpful tips on how to manage and control wasp populations so you can keep your home or business safe. It is a basic guide on all you need to know about NJ wasp control. If you need a wasp exterminator in central jersey, Environmina pest Control will be happy to help,

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Identify the Type of Wasps Pertaining to Your location for NJ wasp control

Identifying which type of wasps are present in your area is the first step to effectively controlling them. New Jersey has four main types: paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and mud daubers. Each type has a different nesting behavior and diet, so knowing which you’re dealing with will help you come up with an effective solution for getting rid of them. Look for nests or flying insects during peak hours (dusk to dawn) to determine which species is present on your property. Please learn more about the types of wasps hornets and yellow jackets found in NJ.

Keep Food and Other Outdoors Attractions Away from the Nest

When you know where the wasp nest is located, you can take steps to deter them from entering or staying in that area. Keep food sources such as “trash piles” away from the nest and cover any openings to your home with caulking to prevent NJ wasps from entering your NJ property. You also might want to consider removing any outdoor attractions such as bird baths, water features, and other activities that may draw NJ wasps. Avoid acidic and vinegary food and fruit as much as possible in your yard as they are known to attract NJ wasps.

Wear Protective Gear When Approaching a Suspected NJ Wasp  Nest.

Wasps are naturally territorial and will sting first before checking who or what they are stinging. If you think there’s a nest near your NJ property, make sure to wear protective clothing such as long sleeves and jeans, gloves, and a head covering. As you approach the nest site close enough, this will lessen your probability of being stung.

Set Up Traps To Help Control Wasp Populations

Setting up traps is the simplest way to help control wasp populations in NJ  without using harmful insecticides. Homemade traps can be made using glass jars.  Wasps can come in contact with a mix of sugar, water, vinegar, and yeast that will drown them when they enter the jar. Traps can also be purchased from local hardware stores. These traps contain pheromone attractants that lure wasps inside and trap them on a sticky surface where they cannot escape. These traps are used with good success rates by homeowners to control NJ Wasps.

Consider Professional NJ Wasp Control Services

If attempts to manage wasps on your own aren’t working, it may be time to call in the professionals. A licensed exterminator can provide targeted treatment that kills both adult and larval wasps, helping to get rid of them. Environmina pest Control provides excellent NJ Wasp control quickly and effectively with minimal risk to people or pets in the area. They will also be able to identify any entry points used by wasps and help you install physical barriers like screens around potential nesting areas. Learn more about wasp and hornet Nest Removal by visiting this article on wasp Control Yellow Jacket and Hornets Nests Removals.

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